Get Ready for School - The Numbers in Arabic
كتب الاستعداد للمدرسة _الأرقام, الجزء الأول

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  1. Arabic learning book for preschool kids

An introductory book for Arabic learning groups in preschool

The educational books are arranged according to the German educational system. They are easy for kids to understand and appealingly designed. There are many colors in the textbook and kids will be able to paint, to cut with scissors and to glue as much as they want to. In the meantime, they will learn the Numbers in a playful and suitable way for children. There are two versions of the book, 0-10 .the first contains the numbers0-10, simple exercises, and the basic geometric shapes. The second one contains the Numbers until 20 and more Mathematics (Addition and Subtraction).

كتاب الأرقام من سلسلة الاستعداد للمدرسة الجزء الثاني من المستولى الأول ,من خلال الكتاب يتعلم الطفل الأرقام حتى الرقم 10, والألوان و الأشكال الهندسية الأساسية و العد.

Dimensions: 20,5 x 28,5 cm

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